• Antimicrobial Surface

    The RX10H's exterior is made with an antimicrobial material that is hostile to pathogens and helps prevent the spread of infection.

  • Sanitize Without Wear & Tear

    Built to handle constant cleaning from major sanitizing agents & certified safe from electrostatic discharge.

  • Power You Can Depend On

    The RX10H offers potentially limitless usage. Getac's LifeSupport battery system allows you to swap batteries in and out without shutting down, resulting in a more productive and efficient shift.

  • Independently Certified

    Getac devices are independently certified by third party laboratories to meet the requirements of international standards. Tested for drop, shock, vibrations and ingress by dust and water they are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions, in vehicle or out.

  • Ergonomic Barcode Scanner

    Situated in the left side with the trigger embedded in the handle, the RX10H barcode scanner makes it easy to point and scan patient wristbands, labels and more.

  • NFC / RFID Reader

    Easily capture data via Near Field or Radio Frequency transmission.