Getac Rugged Solutions 25 Years of Rugged Innovation.


Celebrating 25 years of rugged innovation

Built to Survive
from the beginning

For over 25 years Getac has pioneered the development of Rugged Mobile Technology for the automotive, defence, field service and utility sectors. Getac puts the user at the heart its devices, designing and manufacturing solutions that both survive and thrive in the world’s most challenging environments. User-centric, best-in-class technology makes Getac the leader in Rugged Mobile Technology.


1989Getac Corporation established.

As a partnership between GE Aerospace and MiTAC, Getac was founded to move computers out of the office and onto the battlefield. Practically having to redesign the computer from scratch, to allow it to withstand the rigors of battle, we continue to innovate to this day.


1990The Lunch Box

After a year of intense research and development Getac’s first fully rugged computer was ready for launch. With an impressive four expansion slots and a robust alloy chassis, the T-3020 “Lunchbox” PC was a revolution in military hardware. However, at 21kg, the T-3020 was nearly twice the weight of an M60 machine gun!


1991Intel Integration

Bringing Intel processors onto the battlefield was another great leap forward for rugged computing, giving users speed and efficiency where they need it most.


1992The N-Series

The N-Series was Getac’s first military notebook. Equipped with military connectors and GPS, this made military computing truly mobile.


1994The I-Series

Having re-invented military computing, in 1994 Getac turned its attention to the industrial sector. The I-Series rugged notebook was designed specifically for the mobile industrial worker.


1995The L-Series

In its pursuit of greater mobility, with the introduction of the L-Series, Getac launches the worlds first semi-rugged notebook with a tough plastic chassis – making it lighter than ever before.


1997The A-Series

To meet the needs of the mobile worker Getac develops the world’s first notebook with a Magnesium Alloy Chassis and equipped with Intel Pentium Processor technology – making it lighter, stronger and faster.


1998The Merger

Company growth explodes as Getac Corporation teams up with MiTAC International Corporation, forming MiTac Technology Corporation, to provide Original Design & Equipment Manufacturing (ODM/OEM) of commercial/consumer notebooks to international computing brands.


2000The CA-Series

Getac introduces the CA-35, the world’s first ever tough tablet. Featuring mobile data connectivity the CA-35 was ideal for vehicle mounting for mobile workers in harsh environments, allowing them to stay connected and in control.


Getac launches the upgraded A-Series with embedded GPS, simplifying both navigation and location mapping for the most difficult operations in all conditions.


2001The W-Series

Designed for the mobile operative, soldier or first responder, this slim notebook brought top performance to the front line – no matter what the weather.


2004The M-Series

With a larger screen and greater performance, the M-Series was another leap forward in innovation for Getac. This 3G wireless touch-panel notebook is way ahead of anything on the market at the time.


2007-AThe V-Series

The pursuit of tougher and smarter devices drives Getac to deliver the V-Series, the world’s first fully rugged convertible notebook, with an embedded wireless module, Bluetooth and GPS.

2007-BThe P-Series

Additionally, Getac brings out the P-Series, an even tougher version of the semi-rugged notebook.

2007-CThe E-Series

This next generation fully rugged tablet has lost weight without losing power or strength because when you’re carrying it all day, every gram counts.


2008The B-Series

Getac launches the B300 the world’s first fully rugged notebook with an embedded sunlight-readable display and night-vision capabilities. It rapidly becomes Getac’s flagship model.


2010The S-Series

Getac redefines the expectations for a semi-rugged notebook with the S-Series. Almost fully rugged, this powerful notebooks only compromise is water-resistance.


2011The MH & X Series

The MH-Series saw the smart-phone get the Getac fully rugged treatment. Designed to support workers in the most tactically challenging environments it brings mobile communications to those who need it the most.
The X-Series is Getac’s first COTS military notebook and is designed for mobile command and control centre operations.


2012-AUpgraded S400

Incorporating the latest Intel chipsets, with the S400, Getac creates the world’s first semi-rugged notebook to support the Windows 8 operating system and to feature RFID.

2012-BThe Android Handheld

The Getac arsenal continues to grow with the development of the world’s first fully rugged Android handheld, providing even greater mobility and flexibility.

2012-CB300 Upgraded

The advanced B-Series becomes lightning-fast, supporting 4G LTE speeds with an 8-band antenna.

2012-DThe Z Series

Getac’s Z-Series is the world’s first thin and light fully rugged Android tablet giving demanding users in harsh environments even more mobility and flexibility.


2013-AThe PS336

The PS336 fully rugged handheld gives workers in the most dangerous of environments access to vital data when it achieves
ATEX anti-explosion certification.

2013-BThe B300

Maintaining Getac’s commitment to bringing the latest technology to the toughest environments, the new B300 adopts the latest WLAN technology – improving connection speed and reliability.

2013-CThe V110

In a revolution in design, toughness and weight, with the V110 Getac introduces an even greater level of usability in a fully rugged convertible. Featuring 4th generation Intel processor technology and 11.6” Lumibond screen technology this is the next generation of fully rugged technology.

2013-DThe F110

Like the V110, the F110 features 4th generation Intel processor technology and 11.6” Lumibond screen technology in an ultra-thin and ultra-light fully rugged tablet.


2014The T-Series

Always searching for the optimum rugged solution to the mobile worker’s challenges the T series introduces Intel quad-core processing technology in a fully rugged tablet that minimises weight (880g) and maximises usability (8.1” screen). With another worlds first, Getac also introduces SnapBack accessory technology, allowing even greater customisation to the end-users needs.

More Rugged Innovation
to Come

This is just the beginning. We’ll never stop innovating and developing the most rugged devices for you. As your rugged technology partner we are here to work with you to overcome your challenges. No matter what the future holds… we’ll see you there.

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